How Do I Find My Transfer Code?

How do you recover data on Dokkan battle?

If you no longer have access to your Dokkan Battle account and have not previously linked it to your Facebook account or have not created a transfer code, the only solution to try to recover your Dokkan Battle account is to contact him Bandai Namco staff and start the game data recovery procedure..

How do I get a Petlog transfer code?

In order to locate the Transfer Code please check your Petlog paperwork handed to you by the previous keeper. If you are unable to obtain this documentation, please contact the previous keeper and request that they download a Transfer Code from within their Petlog online account.

Can you have the same Dokkan account on 2 devices?

You can play the same account on two devices.

How do I transfer a device in Dokkan battle?

1. Install “Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle” on your new device (device to take over). 2. Tap “Continue Game” on the title screen and enter your “User ID” and “Transfer Code” after selecting “Transfer Game Data via Transfer Code” to complete the data transfer.

Can I play Fgo on two devices?

This includes FGO. Since you didn’t use the transfer number, your account is now on both devices. It can only literally be played on one at a time (can’t farm 2 quests at once) but you can run a quest on Phone A, close the app, run a quest on Phone B.

How long does it take to recover Fgo account?

3 daysThe more you know, the faster they’ll track your account. Be sure to have your notification on or check your Gmail, Yahoo, etc. It should take no longer than 3 days for them to reply back to you with new transfer code and password.

How do I backup my Fgo data?

Go to My Room, then select “Issue Transfer Number” near the bottom. Make up a password for yourself and store the transfer code they give you somewhere safe.

Can you transfer stones in Dokkan battle?

You only lose stones if you transfer across different os. If you go android to android or apple to apple it keeps your stones.

How do I get my Fgo transfer code?

A transfer code can be issued from My Room.Tap Device Transfer (引き継ぎナンバー発行) in the My Room menu.Type in a password to be used when transferring to another device (the second field is for confirmation, so type it in both fields).More items…

How long does a Dokkan transfer code last?

2 weeksRepeat these two steps at least every week because the transfer codes expire after 2 weeks. Important: Every new transfer code created will make the previous one unusable. Don’t hesitate to store the codes via email to ensure that you can retrieve them at anytime.