How Do I Know If My JioFi Battery Is Full?

What does blue light mean in JioFi?

Red light: JioFi red signal shows poor signal or no SIM.

JioFi blue light means: JioFi blue light means device is getting medium signal which will end up with low internet speed.

Green light: Green indicator reflects good signal strength which means JioFi will be able to provide your optimum internet speed..

What is the battery power in JioFi and how long does it last?

Answer: The JioFi comes with a 2,300 mAh battery. Question: How long does the JioFi battery last? Answer: The JioFi lasts up to six hours. Question: How long does it take to charge the JioFi?

Do we get free SIM with JioFi?

As part of its Independence Day offer, Reliance Jio is offering 5 month free data and free calls with its JioFi Wi-Fi hotspot device at a price of Rs 1999. After buying the device along with a Jio SIM, buyers can choose any one of the three JioFi plans to get free voice and data for 5 months.

What to do when JioFi is not working?

Solution 2. Hard Reset JioFiThe first thing you need to do is to disconnect all the devices connected to JioFi.Then, get your JioFi and uncover the back. … Look for the reset button that is usually located beside the battery.Using a sim ejector or a pin, press the button inside for approximately 10-30 seconds.More items…•

Can I use JioFi as WiFi extender?

JIO 4G voice works even after repeater. I keep my Jiofi on top of a tree, LOL, then I use this router to extend WiFi to my home.

Why does JioFi battery swell?

Jiofi battery swelling and bulgingis a problem reported by many users across the country. This usually happens if you leave the device connected to charger for a long duration. Any Li-Ion battery will face similar consequence.

How do you put a battery in a Jio dongle?

Setting Up your JioFiStep 1: Open your newly purchased JioFi Box, which contains JioFi, Adaptor, Cable and Battery.Step 2:Open the back cover of JioFi, insert your Jio SIM and battery. … Step 3:Press and hold the power on button to switch on the JioFi.More items…

Can I charge JioFi while using?

Take the battery out and connect it with the charger as you would normally connect with the battery in it. Press the power button and the jiofi will turn ON. There is no difference in the procedure to run the jiofi with or without the battery.

How long does JioFi battery last?

Technical DetailsBrandJioFiBattery Charge Time (in hours)1 HoursAverage Battery Standby Life (in hours)7 HoursAre Batteries IncludedYesLithium Battery Energy Content4.8 Watt Hours14 more rows

Can I use Airtel SIM in JioFi?

The Reliance JioFi comes with a Reliance Jio SIM that, once activated, can be used to connect to the network. You can of course use SIM cards of other operators in the JioFi if needed, though obviously you will need to pay for usage on that network.

Why is my JioFi not working?

You can reset JioFi router to fix its problems. To hard reset JioFi, remove its flip cover but don’t remove battery. … Just grab a screwdriver and put it into the reset slot and press and hold the button until your JioFi router restarts then release then button. Now check your JioFi device.

Why my JioFi is too slow?

Check if you have exceeded the daily data usage limit. Check the status of network indicator. Check if the issue is with specific site / app. Ensure your JioFi is within 10 meters of consumption device and connected to maximum 10 devices.