How Do You Get Into The Stadium Bunker?

How do you crack a stadium code?

Call of Duty: Warzone – How to Get the Stadium Access Code [UPDATE]Locate at least two of the Stadium key cards (EL-21, CL-16, and P2-16).Use the key cards to open the corresponding locked rooms in Stadium.There are computers inside of these rooms that will display ciphers when interacted with.More items…•.

Can you open the bunkers in warzone?

There’s no easy answer here as you obtain the Warzone red keycards as a random drop from crates scattered throughout the map. Once you’ve got yourself one though, you can approach one of the 10 bunker doors on the map and open it. You’ll know it can be opened if there’s a green light.

What’s the code for Bunker 11?

346So, if you got the code ‘346’ then you would need to head to Quarry, then the police station north of Lumber Yard, and finally the air traffic control tower in Airport. After this, it’s time to head to Bunker 11 itself.

How do you get to the stadium bunker?

This bunker is found in the lowest level of the stadium. Travel to the northern part of the stadium and descend further down, the door can be found behind the ramp. Head there by using the parking level of the stadium as it’s safer than traversing via the upper levels.

What is the access code at Stadium?

What is the P216 ‘Warzone’ code? The P216 “Warzone” code is a security pass that allows a player to enter a closed-off room at the stadium. It unlocks a room attached to the bottom of the garage with loot boxes and (usually) killstreak rewards.

Which bunkers are open warzone?

Where are the bunker locations in Call of Duty: Warzone?Bunker 1: On the northern end of the Junkyard region.Bunker 2: Another on the northern end of just east of the Junkyard region just west of Boneyard.Bunker 3: Between the military base and dam in Bloc 23.More items…•

How do you open the bunker level 10?

To access Bunker 10 in Warzone you need to:Head to F8 on the Warzone map.The bunker is south of the Park and just to the east of the War Memorial.Enter the code 60274513.

What is the access code for warzone?

1: Warzone Prison shack code – 72948531. 2: Warzone Farmland code – 49285163. 3: South Junkyard – 97264138. 4: North Junkyard – 87624851.

Do you need a keycard for Bunker 11?

Bunker 11 is the only Warzone Bunker that cannot be opened with a Keycard. Instead, you have to follow some very specfic steps in order to open it up and access the most secret area of the Warzone map.