Question: Can You Send Airtime From Safaricom To Airtel?

How can I load Airtel money?

Mobile Recharge using My Airtel appLog in to My Airtel App and navigate to the Payments Bank Section.Click on ‘Recharge’Select ‘Mobile’.

Enter the mobile number and select your operator.Browse from a list of plans and pick one that’s best for you.Enter the recharge amount and click on ‘Pay now’..

How can I buy Airtel money via mpesa?

Using MPESAGo to the M-pesa Menu.Select Pay Bill.Enter Business No. 220220.Enter Account No. AIRTXXXXXX (Where XXXXXX is your Airtel Mobile number)Enter the Amount.Enter your M-Pesa PIN then send.

Can I buy airtime with Fuliza?

Buy Airtime With Fuliza They are using the Paybill number 737373 that allows you to buy airtime using Fuliza. Just follow the following procedure to buy airtime: Go to the M-Pesa menu. Select the Pay Bill option.

What is the code to transfer airtime from Airtel to Airtel?

Through ussd code Dial *432# > Select 1 (Airtel to Airtel) > Enter Recipient’s Airtel Number > Enter Airtime Amount > Enter Transfer Pin > Press Send/Ok.

What is the code for Airtel Me2U?

Airtel Me2U SMS charge of N10 per transaction applies. E.g, to transfer N50 worth of airtime, text: 2u 08021234567 50 1234 to 432. You and the recipient will receive an SMS confirmation.

Can you send mpesa to Airtel money?

To send money from M-Pesa to Airtel Money: Dial *234*1*8# You will see M-Pesa Tuma Pesa Popote pop-up menu. Enter recipients number.

How much does it cost to buy Airtel credit from mpesa?

The convenience of a new pay bill number Right now, you can buy airtime for your Airtel line from M-PESA via pay bill number 309028. This is a new number that has one advantage: it does not charge you for airtime transfers under KES 100. This is very good if your airtime purchases fall under 100 bob.

How can I pay for Airtel WIFI?

Broadband bill payment via the App:Login to your Airtel Thanks App.Click on ‘Pay Bills’ and select the ‘Broadband’ option.Select your operator.Enter your number.Enter your Consumer Number.Click on ‘Pay Now’ and complete the payment process.

How do I check Airtel airtime balance?

To check airtime or account balance on your Airtel, simply dial *123#, then wait for an instant SMS response showing you your airtime balance.

How do I transfer credit to another number?

*100*mobile number* amount to be transferred# then press send. e.g. If you wish to transfer AED 32 to another Wasel prepaid line, then you would have to type the following command: *100*05xxxxxxxx*32#.

How can I buy Airtel Safaricom?

To purchase Airtel airtime from Mpesa, use the procedure below:Go to the Mpesa Menu.Select Pay Bill.Enter Business No. 220220.Enter Account No. … Enter the Amount of airtime, you wish to buy and then press OK.Enter your MPesa PIN.Then hit send After entering your Mpesa pin,confirm your details and then press OK.

How do you Fuliza Safaricom airtime?

Go to Mpesa menu, select Paybill and enter the business number 220220. At the Account no section, you will need to enter the number of the mobile network which you want to Fuliza airtime for. If you feel that the Fuliza service is not for you, you can always choose to opt out.

How can I buy airtime from Airtel Safaricom line?

How to Buy Safaricom Airtime Using Airtel Money.Go to the Airtel Money Menu.Select Make payments.Select Pay Bill then Other.Under business name enter pesapal.Enter Amount.Enter your Airtel Money PIN.Under Reference enter SAFCXXXXXX(Where XXXXXX is your Safaricom Mobile number)

How do I reverse money from mpesa to Airtel?

How to reverse wrong MPESA transactionImmediately you realise you sent money to the wrong Safaricom MPESA No, just go to the SMS you received from Safaricom.Copy that Transaction Code and create a blank SMS, paste it there and send to the number 456.Safaricom will do their best to reverse that transaction.More items…

How can I transfer credit from Airtel to Safaricom?

Another way is to do it via SMS as follows. Select messages, type message as 2u [space] [space][space] and send this to 5050. The default password is 0000; you can change the password to any 4 digit number according to your own preference.

How do I transfer airtime from mpesa to Airtel?

How to load Airtel airtime from MpesaGo to Mpesa Menu.Select Paybill.Enter Business Number 220220.Enter your Airtel/Telkom number as the Account Number.Put the amount of airtime you want to load.Key in your Mpesa Personal Identification Number (PIN).You are done.

How do I transfer airtime on Airtel?

How to Transfer Credit on Airtel LinesDial *432# on the phone you wish to send from.Select transfer airtime.Enter the number of the person you’re transferring credit to.Enter your PIN;Confirm your transaction by replying with option one (1).