Question: Does Facebook Ever Ask You To Change Your Password?

How do I know if my Facebook access token has expired?

If you want to know the token expiry time you can pass a open graph url using appid and token as below it will work ..

How long should OAuth tokens last?

for 60 daysBy default, access tokens are valid for 60 days and programmatic refresh tokens are valid for a year.

How do you make Facebook Messenger ask for password every time?

Again tools>option>on the left panel click security and check ask for my password …. . Hit Ok.

Why does Facebook keep asking me for a security check?

Originally Answered: What triggers Facebook security check? Any change in your usual login process will do that. Like, logging from a different location or using a different device. Sometimes even posting what Facebook would consider a spam post will trigger the security check.

Can Facebook show you your password?

The truth is Facebook does not allow users view their passwords even if they are logged in. Naturally, the decision was made for safety reasons. … If there was an option to view password after logging in this person could learn your password and then change it through settings.

Do Facebook passwords expire?

The expiration period for data access is 90 days, based on when the user was last active.

How can I open my old facebook account without password?

If you forgot the password to your Facebook account, you can request to change your password via email or text message. If you do not have access to the email or mobile phone number associated with the account you want to recover, you can request to recover your Facebook account with a photo ID.

How do I get my forgotten Facebook password?

To reset your password if you’re not logged in to Facebook:Click Forgot Password?.Type the email, mobile phone number, full name or username associated with your account, then click Search.Follow the on-screen instructions.

Why did Facebook log me out of my account?

Go ahead and check your cookies settings for the browser you’re using. Unlike some other apps (like the ones you use for your bank account), Facebook has a lot longer active session time. However, Facebook sessions time out, too. Also, clearing your cache and cookies might help you fix this problem.

What is my password?

To view the passwords you’ve saved, go to There, you’ll find a list of accounts with saved passwords. Note: If you use a sync passphrase, you won’t be able to see your passwords through this page, but you can see your passwords in Chrome’s settings.

How long does FB lock your account?

How long does Facebook lock your account? This block by Facebook is temporary and will last anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours to a few days but in most cases, it’s 96 hours. Your account was probably blocked because you didn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.

Why does Facebook keep asking me to change my password?

If you’ve tried to log in to Facebook in the past couple of days and been told you have to reset your password, it’s probably because your login details were compromised by data thieves.

What does LS nonce mean on Facebook?

password reset codeThe password reset code, LS-NONCE is an automated response – possibly used when errors are made when entering passwords or email accounts.

Why is Facebook asking for ID all of a sudden?

Facebook is asking people to submit their I.D.s to prove their accounts are real. … Facebook says it would ask you to upload an id for two reasons: To confirm the account your trying to access is actually yours; or to confirm your name.

How many times can you change your password on Facebook?

Yes, in order to keep your account safe, we only let you request a new password a certain number of times each day. If you should find yourself locked out of your account because you’ve reached this reset threshold, please wait 24 hours and then try to reset your password again.

Does Facebook ask you to change your password?

Facebook will never ask you for your password in an email or Facebook message. Learn more about how to keep your account secure.

How long will Facebook lock me out for wrong password?

After answering the questions, a 24-hour waiting period is enforced before you can access your account. This security measure is designed to increase account protection. During this lockout, your account will still be visible to your friends.