Question: How Can I Check My Unifi Payment History?

How can I check my Unifi bill?

You can log in to Self-Care at and you can view and print your bill online..

How do I report Unifi problems?

If you have any problem with unifi services, you may troubleshoot using unifi EasyFix , or chat with us at, via live chat, 24 hours daily.

Can I move my Unifi?

If I move to a new home, can I relocate my unifi TV If you are relocating to another unifi service able area, you can bring your unifi package which includes unifi TV. Please notify TM of your relocation. Relocation charges may apply.

How do I check my Unifi history?

How to check your report’s progressLog in, and click on “My Activity”On this page you will find your all your report history, either its closed or still active. Select which one you want to follow up and then click “View Ticket” for details.You can find your restoration tracking here. … Thats all guys.

How do I reconnect my Unifi after payment?

YES, you can get your service reconnected immediately after you have remit payment. Please log-in to Self-Care at and chat with our unifi representative. Please have the bank-in note/slip handy as we require this to validate.

How can I know my Unifi mobile number?

There are 2 ways to find out your number. 1) Login to your selfcare account via app or via website. In dashboard, look out for your numbers.. 2) If that doesn’t help, easiest option is to call your friend just next to you and check out that number appearing in your friend’s phone.

How can I pay my Unifi mobile bill online?

1 – Click on Pay & Transfer.2 – Click on Make a one-off payment. 3 – Click on Pay From and choose your options. 4 – Click and select Jompay. 5 – Biller Code is 3608. … 7 – Your mobile 9 digit account number. 8 – Enter the bill amount to be pay. 9 – Skip this if you have no intention to choose a date to make payment. (

How do I get old phone bills?

Go to the account overview page and look for a link to “Past Statements” or “Past Bills.” Select the bill you need and print it or save it to your computer. Call the phone company directly if you are unable to locate the bill you need online.

How do I pay my WIFI bill?

To set up a one-time payment online:Sign in to My Account.Click Make a Payment. … Choose Current Balance or Pay another amount. … Select a saved payment method (if applicable) or enter a new bank account or credit/debit card number and click Continue. … The Review Your Payment screen will appear.More items…

How do I log into my Unifi account?

First, click on this link, . Once you’re on this page, look out for a ‘login’ button on the top right of your screen. Next, key in your registered email address and password, then click login.

Is Unifi Air Unlimited?

unifi Air is a wireless broadband service which offers high-speed wireless Internet access. This latest unifi Air plan comes with a free wireless router where it can connect up to 64 devices concurrently and unlimited quota – perfect for sharing moments with family and friends.

How do I get my Unifi receipt?

There are several ways actually.After you have paid, there will be a window for that receipt, and you can choose “Print Receipt”.Any payment receipt will be sent to your registered email. You can check your email.You can get statement from the bank itself (if you are using online banking).

How do I access my Unifi router?

Step 1 To access the configuration page of the wireless router, open a Web browser such as Internet Explorer (IE) and enter (IP address of the wireless router) in the address bar. Step 2 Enter admin in the Username field and leave the password blank by default.