Question: How Can I Pay My Dialog Bill By Phone?

How does a prepaid phone plan work?

Prepaid phone advantages.

With prepaid cell phones, also known as pay as you go phones or no-contract phones, you pay for a specific amount of data usage/minutes in advance.

When you hit the limit you’ve paid for, your service ends until you choose to buy more..

What does mean prepaid?

are paid for in advancePrepaid items are paid for in advance, before the time when you would normally pay for them.

Is postpaid better than prepaid?

With postpaid plans you don’t need to pay anything upfront, you get a monthly bill after you use your telecom connection. On the other hand with Prepaid, you can recharge with a fixed amount up front and only then can consume the benefits.

Can I pay dialog bill online?

Visit and reload using multiple options such as Credit Card , ATM card, Genie, eZcash or Star points. Log on to the MyDialog App to reload using your credit or debit card conveniently. You can also save the card details and use ‘Quickpay’ function when you reload in future.

What is the Dialog customer care number?

810 94 77 756 7567Dialog Axiata/Customer service

What is a post pay?

The postpaid mobile phone is a mobile phone for which service is provided by a prior arrangement with a mobile network operator. The user in this situation is billed after the fact according to their use of mobile services at the end of each month.

How can I buy Dialog Data?

More InfoUSSD: Dial #678# > Mobile Data > DATA ADD-ON Pack.Visit to activate.SMS: Type GB Value MOREPack Value. Eg: 1MORE 60 and SMS to 678.Via the MyDialog App.

How do I contact dialog?

Mobile SupportPostpaid customers. 1777. 0777 678 678. (24/7) 1777. … Prepaid customers. 1777. 0777 123 456. (24/7) 1777. … Technical Inquiries. 0777 676 576. 0777 676 576.Roaming Hotline. 0777 999 777 or. 0777 99 77 99. (24/7) … SMS Hotline. 767. 767.Club Vision. 0777 678 680. (24/7) 0777 678 680. … Corporate. 0777 887 887. (24/7) 0777 887 887.

How do I stop Dialog services?

How to deactivate a VAS?Dial #678# on your mobile to open the USSD menu & select option 6 to view all active services.Use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ options to view all services activated.Select the specific VAS.Use the deactivate option to deactivate the service.

How can I know my dialog number?

Subscriber ownership confirmation is a legal requirement for both personal and national security. To check Ownership status, dial #132#

How do I pay my Dialog phone bill?

More videos on YouTubevisit and insert the number that you want to reload & click on ADD button. ( … Enter the value you want to recharge.Select payment method (Visa/Master or Amex if paying by card) and click Payment.Enter credit/debit card details in the respective fields. … Confirmation.

What is dialog billing?

Dialog DCB is a service that allows Dialog customers to purchase Google Play content and bill the amount to their Dialog account.

How can I pay my debit card bill?

If you’re paying for something online, you can typically use your debit card just like a credit card. You don’t need to specify that you want to use a debit card (just select the “pay with credit card” option). Start by indicating the type of card you have—Visa or MasterCard, for example.