Question: How Do I Pay My Unifi Bill JomPAY?

What is JomPAY Biller Code?

Select Payments & Transfers → JOMPAY.


Insert Biller Code (9118) and in the Ref-1.

field please enter your card’s 16 digits card number.

You can now pay your Commercial Cards bills via JomPAY!.

Where is the biller code?

You can find your Biller Code and Reference next to the BPAY logo on your bill. BPAY details can be found in the payment options section of your bill, usually on the back or second page.

How can I pay my SLT bill online?

Pay your SLT bills Instantly online Simply pay your SLT bill using any VISA or Master card. Now you can pay as a registered user or instantly by producing your Telephone Number or Account Number.

How much is average WiFi bill?

The monthly cost of your internet will vary widely based on connection type and speed. Slow dial-up connections cost as little as $10 per month, but the fastest fiber optic connections can cost upward of $150 each month. The average internet bill is around $60 per month.

How do I pay my Unifi bill?

All you need to do is to login to Self-Care, click on your profile tab and go to “charges”. Once you clicked on “make payment”, you will be redirected to payment page. You can choose your payment method: credit card, or online banking account (login to your online banking is required)…

How do I find my JomPAY Biller Code?

For every JomPAY biller, there will be a standard Biller Code (BC) and Recipient Reference Number (Ref-1) printed on all bills. If additional Reference Number (Ref-2) is required, it will also be displayed on the bills also.

How do I pay my Unifi Bill CIMB?

Change of TM bill payment service via CIMB Clicks. You may pay your TM bills on a monthly basis with JomPAY (Biller Code: 2345 for TM TELEPHONE & MULTIMEDIA BILL / Biller Code: 8888 for TM UNIFI) through CIMB Clicks or CIMB EVA mobile app.

Can I pay my AT&T Internet bill online?

You can pay your AT&T bill online. Online payments allow you to securely pay your AT&T bills online using a credit/debit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) or a checking or savings account. … To pay your bill, select Make a payment.

What Bill can pay in 7 Eleven Malaysia?

Say goodbye to long queue and enjoy the convenience of paying your U Mobile, TM, Syabas and Astro bills at one of our many stores.

How do I pay my WIFI bill?

To set up a one-time payment online:Sign in to My Account.Click Make a Payment. … Choose Current Balance or Pay another amount. … Select a saved payment method (if applicable) or enter a new bank account or credit/debit card number and click Continue. … The Review Your Payment screen will appear.More items…

What is a biller code?

The biller code is a unique number required to process a BPAY® transaction and you can find it on your statement or on our website.