Question: How Do You Put Minutes On Your Phone?

What is the difference between airtime and minutes?

Airtime and airtime minutes are not the same thing.

Airtime minutes are the talk time used on your phone, but are just a part of the overall airtime charges you can incur from a mobile provider.

Some disposable phones now have the ability to talk, text, send MMS (multimedia messages) and browse the web..

How can I get free minutes on my phone?

If you are on welfare, food stamps or disability, you may ask the dispensing government agency for a referral to a program that provides prepaid phones and free minutes. Register with the program for your phone and minutes, and will be able to re-load your phone card each month with free minutes from the program.

How much is a call per minute on Vodacom?

The rate of R0. 79 (seventy nine cents) per minute is offered on voice calls to any network at any time, and calls will be billed per second. 7. On this price plan you cannot make use of voice bundles, including Power Hour, Chat for 30, Power Bundles, My5, Night Shift or Everyday Extra.

By purchasing and adding a TracFone or SafeLink airtime card (“Airtime Card”) before the 25th of the month, your unused airtime minutes (including your free monthly allotment and any additional Airtime Cards) will carry over for 3 consecutive months from the date of your last Airtime Card redemption.

How do I put minutes on someone else’s phone?

How to Recharge Your Loved Ones’ MinutesSelect the country in which your family member lives.Enter the phone number you want to top up.Verify their mobile service carrier.Select the top up transaction amount (make sure to check for any promotions and offers!)More items…•

What is MTN anytime minutes?

2. Anytime Minute bundles enable Subscribers to make calls to all South African networks, at any time of day.

Who pays for the phone call?

Receiving Party Pays is a payment model set basically in the cellular market, that states that the payment for an incoming call is set on the receiver. That model differs from “Calling Party Pays” in which the caller is the one who pays for the other side receiving it.

Is WhatsApp free on Vodacom?

The offer is exclusive to all Vodacom customers, Prepaid, Top Up and Contracts, new and existing….Terms and Conditions.ValidityWhatsAppPriceBundleHourR110MB1 DayR350MBR5250MB3 more rows

How much airtime does a call take MTN?

Pay the same flat rate of 99c per minute at any time to any local network. You can call for as little as 1.3cents per second from the very first second.

How many minutes is r50 airtime?

R50 for the month and get like 50 minutes.

How can I get free minutes on Vodacom?

Only Vodacom Prepaid customers who have opted-in using FreeChange can benefit from the Daily Free Calls offer. 3. Vodacom Daily Free Call is available to all new and existing Prepaid customers through Free Change via existing channels (1181 IVR, *135# USSD, or My Vodacom App).

How do I pay someone else’s Straight Talk bill?

Yes, you may buy and add a Service Card for somebody else. You will need to add the Service Card online at or by calling our Customer Care Center at 1-877-430-CELL (2355).

How do I put minutes on my AT&T phone?

Call 611 from your AT&T PREPAID phone or call 800.901. 9878 from another phone. At the main menu, say Payment. Select Make a Payment.

How do I add minutes to a government phone?

Use your Assurance Wireless phone to call Assurance’s automated phone line at 1-888-321-5880. To add money to your account, choose the “Top-up” prompt. You will be presented with various options to add money to your account.

How do I convert airtime to minutes on Vodacom?

My Vodacom: Log on to the My Vodacom page on your computer and purchase your data. To convert airtime to data, select the ‘use airtime’ option. Shortcode: Dial *135# on your phone and follow the prompts.

How do minutes work on cell phones?

With cell phones, you pay for the calls you receive as well as the calls you make, so you will need to figure incoming calls in your allotted airtime minutes. Minutes also come in different varieties. Most popular plans give you minutes that you can use at any time of day.

How many minutes is r100 airtime?

550 MinsOverviewDescriptionMinutesPriceMTN WOW Weekly Bundle R30140 MinsR30MTN WOW Weekly Bundle R50250 MinsR50MTN WOW Weekly Bundle R100550 MinsR100MTN WOW Monthly Bundle R1501 000 MinsR1506 more rows

How do I put more minutes on my Obama phone?

There are 3 ways to top up your YourTel Wireless phone: Go to your nearest YourTel retailer and purchase a YourTel Wireless PIN, add minutes on the YourTel Wireless website, or call customer care at 1-877-388-1082. If you call us, you will need a credit card.

How many minutes does a text use?

The S425G package states that three texts equal one minute of air time. So, with every text you send or receive, tracfone deducts . 30 minute.

Can you put prepaid minutes on any cell phone?

You can only use your old handset to get a prepaid SIM from the same provider as your previous one. Many phones are programmed to only work with the providers you got the phone from in the beginning. If you wish to switch to another provider, you have to get a new handset along with the SIM card.