Question: How Were Hamilton And Jefferson Different?

What did Jefferson and Hamilton argue about?

From the beginning, the two men harbored opposing visions of the nation’s path.

Jefferson believed that America’s success lay in its agrarian tradition.

Hamilton’s economic plan hinged on the promotion of manufactures and commerce..

Did Hamilton actually say sit down John?

President of the United States, was over 14,000 words and ran 54 pages. Unfortunately, Hamilton did not write in it, “Sit down John you fat mother….” Madison was elated. In the musical he says, “This is great!

Who won Hamilton or Jefferson?

Hamilton favored Jefferson over Burr, and he convinced several Federalists to switch their support to Jefferson, giving Jefferson a victory on the 36th ballot of the contingent election.

Did Alexander Hamilton threaten to hit Thomas Jefferson with a chair?

Alexander Hamilton, a true wordsmith: “There are approximately 1010300 words in the English language, but I could never string enough words together to properly explain how much I want to hit you with a chair.”

How did Alexander Hamilton’s and Thomas Jefferson’s visions for America differ?

Hamilton regarded a strong Federal government as a must for a strong and enduring America, while Jefferson viewed the Federal government as the necessary evil, if not the enemy!

What did Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton agree on?

Compromise of 1790The Compromise of 1790 was a compromise between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson with James Madison where Hamilton won the decision for the national government to take over and pay the state debts, and Jefferson and Madison obtained the national capital (District of Columbia) for the South.

Why did Thomas Jefferson hate Hamilton?

Hamilton thus saw Jefferson as sneaky and hypocritical, someone with wild ambition who was very good at masking it. And Jefferson saw Hamilton as a wildly ambitious attack dog who would hammer his way into getting what he wanted.

Did Alexander Hamilton love his sister in law?

One stirring revelation about Angelica Schuyler was that many suspected she was involved in a romantic affair with her own brother-in-law, Alexander Hamilton. The two forged a close relationship and fervently exchanged letters.

Did Alexander Hamilton want a monarchy?

He famously made a six-hour speech about his own plan for a strongly centralized government, drawing criticism that he wanted to create a monarchy. Though Hamilton ended up having little influence on the Constitution itself, he played an important role in its ratification.

What are some areas of disagreement between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson?

Hamilton believed in the establishment of a central bank(this is why he favored the creation of the Bank of North America). Jefferson strongly disagreed and did not advocate the issuing of debt which Hamilton deemed as ” a national blessing ” if ” not excessive “.

Why is Hamilton better than Jefferson?

Hamilton’s great aim was more efficient organization, whereas Jefferson once said “I am not a friend to a very energetic government.” Hamilton feared anarchy and thought in terms of order; Jefferson feared tyranny and thought in terms of freedom.