Question: Is The Dark Side More Powerful?

Is the dark side stronger Yoda?

“Is the dark side stronger?” Luke asks.

“No, no, no,” Yoda assures him.

“Quicker, easier, more seductive.” But as Yoda and Ben are both quick to point out….

Are the Sith actually evil?

Sith Lords are considered evil not because of the Sith concept themselves, but the fact that they’re absorbed by the Dark Side of the Force. Sith Lords are considered evil not because of the Sith concept themselves, but the fact that they’re absorbed by the Dark Side of the Force.

Did Luke use the dark side to defeat Vader?

I think that, yes, Luke used the Dark side to beat Vader but he never fully went over the edge. That’s why when he took Vader’s hand and realized what he was doing, he stopped. Had he actually killed Vader, he likely would’ve been lost. … The dark side is within an individual, not within the Force itself.

Which Jedi defeated the most Sith?

Darth BaneIn Legends, it’s probably Darth Bane, maybe still Vader, Vitiate, or Nihilus. Darth Bane with the thought bomb killed hundreds of Jedi and Sith all at once.

Is the dark side evil?

The Dark Side is not merely considered evil, it is defined as evil by its creator, George Lucas. Obi-Wan: A young Jedi named Darth Vader, who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil, helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi knights.

Can a Sith become a Jedi?

Originally Answered: Did any Sith ever become a Jedi? Yes. The Jedi Knight story in SWTOR both introduces you to a Sith who became a Jedi and also gives you the opportunity to convince a Sith you fight to defect and if you succeed, he reappears later on as a Jedi.

What is Darth Sidious famous quote?

Star Wars: 10 Scariest Quotes of Darth Sidious1 “There is no mercy.”2 “Now young Skywalker, you will die.” … 3 “There, there child. … 4 “This is not the first time you have proven to be clumsy, Lord Tyranus. … 5 “Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side.” … 6 “Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.” … More items…•

What is the Jedi’s weakness?

fearA Jedi’s weakness is fear and denial of the Dark Side of the Force. It’s the direct opposite of everything they believe in.

Are the Sith more powerful?

Bot light and dark side members could beat each other with proper training, but generally, Sith were more powerful than most jedis because of being prodigies. Also… the fact that dark side users didn’t have restrictions when using force powers, that was a huge advantage!

Are there good Sith?

There is no good Sith. There can be no “good” Sith. Our teachings rid the student of the concepts of good and evil, for they hinder your ability to properly channel the Force.

Does the dark side make you stronger?

Yoda says that the dark side is not stronger. However, you note several feats performed by Sith that are far more powerful than anything we’ve seen Jedi do with the light side of the force. In addition, there the lightsaber duels. Darth Maul is beaten by Obi-wan, but he kills Qui-gon in the process.

Is the dark side more powerful quote?

[When Luke asks if the Dark Side of the Force is stronger] No, no. Easier and more seductive; not more powerful. … Anger, fear, and aggression; the Dark Side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight.

Who destroyed the Sith?

Undermined by constant infighting and ruined by the last war against the Jedi, the Sith were rendered all but extinct with the exception of one; Darth Bane survived the ancient order’s destruction and passed his knowledge to a single apprentice, Darth Zannah, before being entombed on Korriban, which became known as …

Why are Sith lightsabers red?

In the construction of a Sith lightsaber, individuals partook in a process known as bleeding. By ways of the Force, they would pour negative emotions such as rage, hate, fear and pain into kyber crystals. The process would result in the crystals gaining a distinctive crimson or red hue.

Who’s stronger Jedi or Sith?

Someone asked on Quora, in January, asked why it takes two Jedi to defeat a Sith, and the answer, simply, is that the Dark Side gives Sith Lords something the Jedi don’t have. While the Jedi are powerful and good, they have to work twice as hard to achieve what the Sith can do, as the main answer explained.