Question: What Is Airtel Savings Account?

What is the limit of Airtel Money?

With this wallet, our customers can easily engage in credit/debit transactions.

Valid for a tenure of two years, it comes with a limit of ₹9,000 and is quite handy for fast-track payments such as recharges, utility bills and more.

It is accessible to non-Airtel network users as well..

How can I transfer money from Airtel money to bank account without fees?

Airtel Money Transfer To Bank Account [Full Guide]:- First of All Download Airtel Money App From Here. Now Install & Open App. Submit Your Details Like Your Airtel Number, Name, Age & mPIN. Then Click On Send Button & Choose Send To Bank Account option.More items…•

How can I open a savings account in Airtel?

To open or access your Airtel Payments Bank Savings bank account, visit your nearest banking point. You can also access your Airtel Payments Bank account on the My Airtel App.

What is the minimum balance in Airtel payment bank?

Rs100Customers can open the account with a minimum balance of Rs100. To close the account, they will have to pay Rs50. The minimum amount for cash deposit, withdrawal and online fund transfer is Rs10. The maximum amount deposit per day at a banking point is Rs49,990.

What is Airtel Money account?

Home Wallet Airtel Money App. Airtel Money, the mobile wallet from the successful and popular telecom company Airtel, allows you to use your smartphone as an electronic wallet to make and receive payments. Originally launched in 2012, the app offers customers with an efficient alternative to cash transactions.

Can I transfer Airtel money to bank?

Airtel Payments Bank customers can transfer funds via NEFT using the banking section of the Airtel Thanks app or the website of Airtel Payments Bank. They need to select the ‘Transfer Money’ option followed by ‘transfer to Bank’. … This will add to the overall online banking experience for the customers.”

What are 4 types of bank accounts?

4 Most Common Types of Bank AccountsChecking Account. The most basic type of bank account is the checking account. … Savings Account. A checking account and savings account go together like Batman and Robin. … Money Market Deposit Account. … Certificate of Deposit (CD) … 4 Most Common Types of Bank Accounts.

How can I withdraw money from Airtel pay bank?

At the ATM, you must go through the following steps when using the My Airtel app. Enter the mobile number > Enter the sender code (received on SMS) > Enter the OTP > Select 1 ‘ATM self-withdrawal’ > Enter the IMT amount > Cash dispensed. When using USSD, the user must dial 4002# from their registered mobile number.

Can I open Airtel Payment Bank without Airtel SIM?

For both airtel, non-airtel users Both Airtel and non-Airtel customers can open a savings account with Airtel Payments Bank. … Non-Airtel customers can access Airtel Payments Bank’s services by dialing this number- 8800688006. For Airtel customers, the account number will same as their mobile number.

What is Airtel Payment bank and how it works?

What can a customer do with his/her Airtel Payments Bank Account? With Airtel Payments Bank account, customer can deposit & withdraw cash, transfer funds to other’s Airtel Payments Bank Account and other bank accounts, recharge mobile & DTH, pay bills, book tickets, pay shops, make online payments and much more.

What are the benefits of Airtel payment bank?

Seven Advantages of Opening an Airtel Payments Bank Account!1) Banking Points for Cash Deposits/Withdrawals. … 2) An Interest Rate of 7.25% … 3) Transaction Limit of 1 Lakh. … 4) Free Talktime. … 5) Accidental Insurance of 1 Lakh. … 6) Works on All Handsets. … 7) OTP Based Secure Transactions.

Which payments bank is best?

List of Best Payment Banks in India 2020Airtel M Commerce Services Limited.Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited (Idea Cellular)Fino PayTech Limited.Reliance Industries.National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)Department of Posts (India Post)PayTM.Cholamandalam Distribution Services Limited.More items…