Quick Answer: How Do I Buy Prepaid Electricity With Nedbank?

How do I retrieve my electric token?

How can I get my previously purchased Tokens.

SMS “LAST ELEC” to 32904 to Receive an sms with your previous electricity tokens or Look up your previously purchased electricity tokens now by going to the check your last token page.

sms’s are charged at Standard VAS rates..

How do I buy prepaid electricity with Nedbank App?

Nedbank App Suite ™ or Nedbank.mobi: o Log on using your required credentials o Select the Admin menu o Select Prepaid Electricity o Select Add New Meter option. After successful registration of a meter you can purchase prepaid electricity by selecting the Purchase Now option under Prepaid Services.

How do I get my Nedbank electricity token?

Kindly dial *120*001# to login with your profile and pin > select option 4 for Prepaids > Prepaid electricity > Resend voucher details to request the voucher code.

How do I activate Nedbank Internet Banking?

Register on Online BankingGo to secured.nedbank.co.za and select ‘Register’.Enter your South African ID number or foreign passport number.Accept the Approve-it message on your cellphone.Create your Nedbank ID username and password.More items…

How do you buy airtime using Nedbank App?

Step 1 – Click on “Prepaids”.Step 2 – Click on “Prepaid purchases”.Step 3 – Enter the required details, then click the “Submit” button.Step 4 – Verify the purchase information, then click the “Confirm” button to proceed.You now know how to purchase your airtime with the Banking NedApp.

How do I log into Nedbank SMS banking?

Nedbank SMS Banking – How to login. Step 1 – Dial *120*001# from your phone. Step 2 – Click “Reply”. Step 3 – Enter “1” to choose to Logon, then click “Reply” to submit your response.

How do I buy prepaid electricity on Standard Bank app?

Mobile: How to buy prepaid electricityUnlock your mobile device and launch the Standard Bank mobile app.If this is your first time using the app, you will need to register for the service.Click the Sign In button and enter your app code. … Once you have signed in, click “Buy” in the bottom navigation area.More items…

How do I buy prepaid electricity with my phone?

STEP 1: Dial *120*321# on your cellphone. Follow the prompts and select/enter option 1 (Prepaid). STEP 2: Select Electricity. STEP 3: Select Enter Electricity.

How do I buy electricity with Nedbank without app?

To do this on SMS Banking or on internet banking:Log on using your required credentials, go to the Prepaid menu and choose Prepaid electricity. Then select the Add new meter option.After successful registration of a meter you can purchase prepaid electricity by selecting the Prepaids option.

Is prepaid water more expensive?

Is prepaid water cheaper? No – this is a myth. Prepaid and post-paid water cost exactly the same. It is illegal to sell municipal water above the municipal tariff rate declared.

Where can I buy prepaid water?

Prepaid in-store Buy prepaid electricity or water at any one of hundreds of retail outlets including Pick n Pay, Checkers, and Spar. Your local garage will also be able to assist.

Do you pay more for prepaid electricity?

Prepaying for your energy lets you pay small amounts often, but it’s usually a more expensive way to pay than getting a bill. If you have a smart meter, your supplier can change its setting from credit to prepayment.

How can I buy prepaid electricity from Conlog?

Buying prepaid electricity has become as easy as taking your phone out and pressing a few buttons. Consumers buy it at their grocery stores while shopping or top up their prepaid electricity meters through their internet banking.

Can I buy prepaid water from Nedbank?

The USSD option currently works for those who have accounts with FNB, Absa, Standard Bank, Nedbank and Capitec. Ensure you are registered for your bank’s cellphone banking service and that you’re registered with Citiq Prepaid onwww.citiqprepaid.co.za/sign-up or by phoning the call centre on 087 55 111 55.

What is a Nedbank profile number?

Your Self-service Banking profile number will give you immediate access to cellphone banking, internet banking and telephone Banking (self-service and agent-assisted), for balances, statements and other transactions types.

Do Electricity tokens expire?

The tokens are generated by the municipalities and they do not allow any reversals. The customer takes responsibility for the purchase. Tokens also do not expire so if you’ve bought incorrectly for one of your own meters you can hold onto the token until it is needed.