Quick Answer: How Do I Remove My Mobile Number From DigiLocker?

How do I remove my number from DigiLocker?

ShareGo to Digilocker website.Log in to your digilocker account.Click on Uploaded documents.In the list of uploaded document, click on delete icon to remove the document from your digilocker database..

Is DigiLocker print out valid?

A) The digital RC and DL in DigiLocker is digitally signed by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. It is fetched in real-time directly from the National Register database and has a timestamp for record keeping purposes. This digital document is a legally valid document under the Indian IT Act 2000.

Can we show DigiLocker to traffic police?

Sir,documents in digilocker are valid, but in case of any violation committed by driver/rider or if vehicle seized original (hard copy) DL/RC is required. … So whenever the next time you are stopped by the traffic police, you can produce your documents through DigiLocker and these will be valid.

Is DigiLocker PAN card valid?

Steven Alvaris, Kolhapur Deputy RTO, said, “You can keep Aadhaar, PAN card and driving license, among other documents, in the DigiLocker app and these will be treated as valid identity proof.

Is mParivahan accepted by traffic police?

Showing an electronic photo of your driving licence (DL) or registration certificate (RC) on your mobile phone to a traffic police or enforcing authority will not do, if it is not reflected in the DigiLocker or mParivahan app, as per the revised rules of Road Ministry.

How do I change my mobile number on DigiLocker?

Is there any provision to update mobile number? Yes, the mobile number used during the DigiLocker signup process can be updated. This option is available in the profile section (only while DigiLocker is not linked with Aadhaar).

To delink Aadhaar, visit your bank or telecom operator and submit a written application for the same. You can also make the delinking request by calling up your bank or telecom provider’s call centre or by emailing them.

How do I contact DigiLocker?

If you get updated data in your UIDAI eAadhaar, but old data in DigiLocker, please write to us at support@digitallocker.gov.in.

Can I show DigiLocker to traffic police?

Driving licence and car registrations stored digitally in DigiLocker and mParivahan must be accepted by traffic police, eliminating the need to carry physical versions of the documents while driving. … The advisory clarified the two platforms have the facility to pull a citizen’s documents in an electronic form.