Quick Answer: How Does ANZ Online Saver Work?

Can you withdraw from ANZ Online Saver?


Access your savings online at any time via your linked ANZ everyday banking account.

Open your first ANZ Online Saver and get bonus interest for 3 months, even if you make a withdrawal..

How does ANZ Progress Saver work?

ANZ Progress Saver pays bonus interest (in addition to the current variable base interest) in respect of a particular month if the set minimum deposit (currently $10) and no withdrawals, fees or charges are processed to the account on or before the last business day of that calendar month, and after the last business …

What is the interest rate for ANZ Online Saver?

ANZ Online Saver interest ratesBase rate standard variable rate (subject to change)0.05% p.a.Bonus rate disclaimer0.40% p.a.Total rate (base rate + bonus rate) for 3 months if current variable rate remains unchanged0.45% p.a.

How does the online savings account work?

Online savings accounts link to traditional or online checking accounts. To establish a link to your checking account, you enter your bank’s routing number and account number in the online application form. Once your savings account is open, you can transfer money between the linked accounts.

How much does ANZ let you overdraw?

Use an ANZ Assured facility an ANZ Assured facility provides you with a $500 or $1000 overdraft limit that can be a feature of selected ANZ everyday accounts, it may help you avoid issues like declined transactions or bounced cheques.

How do I transfer from Progress Saver to ANZ?

Just log in then go to ‘Pay and transfer’ and select the account details, amount and how frequency you want the transfer to happen. Or to set up transfers from your non-ANZ accounts to go into your ANZ Progress Saver, just supply your Progress Saver BSB and account number to your other bank.