What Is The DD Charges In HDFC Bank?

Which bank has less DD charges?

**Applicable at bank branches in India.

DD is free if you use HSBC internet banking.

25% of Rs.

100 if you do it through HSBC phone banking..

How can I pay my DD fees?

The fees can be paid with the direct transfer into the college’s bank account via internet banking (NEFT, IMPS, RTGS), UPI-led transfers, cheque payments, and mobile wallet transfers.

How can I withdraw money from demand draft?

Here’s how to encash demand draft:The person who receives the demand draft has to present the draft to his/her bank branch.The bank asks for specific documents to initiate the payment procedure.Once the documents are verified, the amount is transferred to the bank account of the individual.More items…•

How are DD charges calculated?

Demand Draft ChargesFor an amount up to Rs. 5,000- Rs. 25 inclusive of the GST.5,000 and up to Rs. 10,000- Rs. 50 inclusive of the GST.10,000 and up to Rs. 1,00,000- Rs. 5 inclusive of the Service Tax per Rs. 1,000 or part thereof. … 1,00,000- Rs. 4 inclusive of the Service Tax per Rs. 1,000 or part thereof.

What are DD charges?

There are no standard charges for making a DD and the Charges usually vary from Bank to Bank and also vary with the value of the Demand Draft. The Demand Draft Charges are variable and vary with the value of the Draft. Banks usually charge a variable fee Rs. 1.5 to Rs. 4 per thousand plus Service Tax.

How long does DD take to clear?

The time frame or the clearing time of a DD varies between banks. They are usually cleared within half an hour, or by the end of the working day. Some banks can take up to three working days. Also, if the DD is for a large amount, it will only be credited to a bank account and not provided as cash.

Can we take DD online in HDFC?

If you have HDFC bank net banking you can create the demand draft by just filling the details in your online portal account. You need to fill payee name, payable place and amount. The draft would be mailed to your registered address within three working days.

What are the charges for DD cancellation?

HDFC Bank DD ChargesLimitChargesAbove Rs.1 lakhRs. 2 per 1000 or part thereof sujected to minimum of Rs. 250 and maximum of Rs. 5000Rs.10,000 to Rs.50,000Rs.60Above Rs.50,000Rs.5 per thousand rupees or part thereof subjected to maximum of Rs.15,000Cancellation chargesRs.502 more rows•Sep 28, 2020

What is the process of DD?

A bank issues a demand draft to a client (drawer), directing another bank (drawee) or one of its own branches to pay a certain sum to the specified party (payee). A demand draft can also be compared to a cheque. … Demand drafts can only be made payable to a specified party, also known as pay to order.

How can I get DD in HDFC Bank?

How to Get the Demand Draft Issued Offline. Fill the form– Visit the branch where you have your account and ask the bank officials for an HDFC DD Form. Alternatively, you can also download the HDFC Bank DD form from the official website at https://www.hdfcbank.com/htdocs/common/pdf/DD-Request.pdf.

How long does it take to get DD in HDFC Bank?

3 to 5 working daysDemand Draft. Note: All the Demand Draft requests will be processed on the next working day. DDs will be couriered to the mailing address/ provided beneficiary address within 3 to 5 working days.

Can I make DD in any bank?

Bankers cheque can be cleared in any branch of the bank provided it comes under the local jurisdiction, but Demand Draft can be cleared at any branch of the same bank irrespective of the city.

Can DD be Cancelled?

If, due to any reason, you have to cancel the demand draft, it can only be done at the bank. You will have to go to your branch and make a request for the cancellation of your demand draft. … If you got the DD by paying cash, then you must present the original DD along with the cash receipt.

Can I take DD online?

The demand draft can also be prepared online. The details need to be accurately filled online and the physical demand draft can either be collected from the nearest branch of the issuing bank or can also be mailed to the registered address.

What happens if DD is lost?

If you lost your Demand Draft, you need to sign an Indemnity Bond in stamp paper for the issuing bank. A copy (photo or Xerox copy) can be helpful to present when you visit the bank. The bank will take some time to process the payment.