Which Bunkers Open With Red Access Card?

Can you get into bunker 11 with a keycard?

Bunker 11 Warzone: how to get the secret blueprint and find the nuke.

However, the Red Access Keycard will not work on Bunker 11 in Warzone, which can only be opened using these Warzone phones and chasing down a code..

What bunker does the red access card open?

At the end of the message, you’ll hear three numbers in Russian. These numbers correspond to three ‘red’ phones on the map. You (and / or your team) must visit each one of these phones in order. Once you have visited all three, Bunker 11 – found north of the Arklov Peak Military Base – will be opened.

Do red access cards open all bunkers?

For the bunkers numbered 1-10, you will need a Red Access Card, found via supply crates. Once you find one or kill a player holding a Red Access card, you can get inside all but one of the bunkers.

What does the red keycard open?

Red keycard. Unlocks the door to the laboratory security arsenal (R23) in The Lab. Lab.